Teri brings 15+ years of experience designing, facilitating and leading leadership, community, organizational and network development for hundreds of social change leaders in the community impact sector. She uses decolonized, liberatory and somatic practices, design thinking, and emergent strategy to create inclusive, democratic spaces that support diverse leaders to transform themselves, their communities and the social impact sector. For almost 2 decades Teri has built relationships and partnerships with diverse stakeholders including, nonprofit leaders, government policy makers, academics, and community organizers in Canada, the US and abroad.
Teri is a first-generation Guyanese-Canadian who grew up in and around Toronto, Montreal and upstate NY. She called Washington, DC home for more than a decade before moving back to Canada to plant her roots in Bridgewater, NS. When she’s not working on social change, she spends her free time getting outdoors, exploring the world through the eyes of a 4 year old, collecting books she will someday read, listening to podcasts about the future of work and exploring food, culture and community through travel.