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Storm Clouds & Silver Linings Story Series: Meet the Artists

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia is delighted to share these stories of the challenges, resilience and aspirations of nonprofits in our province that are dealing with COVID-19. This project has two equally important components. The first is the written stories themselves based on interviews with the organizations’ executive directors and the second is the stories as told through art.

We know that Nova Scotia’s artists themselves are facing challenges because the pandemic and that too often their hardships are unseen and their opportunities limited. We sent out a call for visual artists to illustrate each of the stories and to do the portraits of the executive directors. The response was overwhelming. Such remarkable talent made the selection very difficult. We think you will agree that the artists have captured the essence of the leaders and the heart of the stories themselves. They have provided a powerful message about the impacts of the pandemic on the missions of the organizations and on the people, communities and natural environments that they serve. These artists provide us with a way to stop, reflect and connect with our hearts and emotions. We thank them for their contributions.

While we couldn’t accept all of the applications, we wanted to take the time to share with you some of the other artists in the province who submitted their art for inclusion. Please take a look at the work of these remarkably talented artists and we encourage you to support them and with us celebrate their contributions to enriching our lives and our communities. We are grateful to them all for their work and creativity.

The Artists Who Helped Us Tell Our Stories

Rebecca Baccardax

Portrait Illustrator

Colleen Bonomo

Story Illustrator

Darlene Strong

Story Illustrator

Liz Mac

Story Illustrator

George Smith

Story Illustrator

Jessica Jerome

Story Illustrator

Lin Luo

Story Illustrator

The Illustrations Developed for Each Story

Illustration by Liz Mac illustration by Darlene Strong Healthy Minds Cooperative_Colleen Bonomo Illustration by George Smith Illustration - Jessica Jerome Illustration by Lin Luo

Some of the applicants who responded to our call for artists

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