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IONS advocates for, supports and amplifies the shared voice and work of the community impact sector. We offer capacity building opportunities and resources to organizations making a positive impact in their communities.

What's Happening in the Impact Space

Launched: The 2022 State of the Sector Offerings

Ealier this year, we conducted the 2022 State of the Sector Survey to learn more about what’s needed to increase our sector’s impact, sustainability, and equity. Summarizing the data from 253 impact organizations and additional sources, we are excited to launch the 2022 State of the Sector Report, the Sector Data Dashboard, and the Sector Network map.

What's Happening in the Impact Space

Shifting the Mindset of the Sector Beyond Profits and Market Failures

Today, as we launch our new identity as Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS), it’s important to reflect on why we need to distinguish and celebrate the Community Impact Sector for all its diversity and uniqueness.

What's Happening in the Impact Space

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia is now Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS)

Just like any organization, IONS has experienced our share of change and restructuring as community needs evolved over the years, but especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there was critical need for impact organizations across the province to step in and address the needs of vulnerable Nova Scotians.

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Sector-wide Employee Group Benefits Program 


Resisting a Rest: How Urgency Culture Polices our Work 


Community Impact Sector Network Map 

See why the Community Impact Sector is vital in creating a better future for all.

Nova Scotia’s Community Impact Sector is made up of over 6,400 impact organizations, consisting of registered nonprofits, charities and Community Interest Companies (CICs). These organizations fill gaps not covered by businesses or government, serving communities across the province through a wide range of scopes and supports. Some organizational missions include poverty reduction, advancing social inclusion, promoting health and mental wellbeing, and environmentalism. The fastest growth has been in social services and housing. Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, impact organizations have innovated as the need for programs and services increased. This diverse sector is an essential pillar in addressing systemic inequities and in creating the conditions for everyone to have the highest quality of life possible. 

Volunteer hours annually, one of the highest rates in Canada, translating to 30,000 full-time jobs.

Economic value of volunteer hours, equivalent to 3.4% of Nova Scotia’s GDP.

4.5% of Nova Scotia’s labour force works in the Community Impact Sector.


Of people working in the sector are women. The sector is more diverse than any other.

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