Sector Network Map

Get to Know the Community Impact Sector

The Sector Network Map is a brand new tool released by IONS that provides a geographical registry of all impact organizations (registered charities and nonprofits) within the Nova Scotia’s Community Impact Sector. This tool will allow you to zoom in on any part of the province to find organizations in the local area. There is also functionality built in to allow for filtering organizations by sub-sector activities. Along the bottom of the map is the ability to highlight functional economic regions as well as a search for organizations by name. Included in this tool is a mini-map showing some key quality of life questions from Engage Nova Scotia. As an extra feature, we hope this encourages users to look through some of the questions and compare these to where impact organizations are located on the larger map. As a platform for curiosity and a catalyst for collaboration and conversation, we are pleased to share this tool with the sector.

Do you have questions about the map or see a change that needs to be updated?