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The Community Impact Sector is a major employer in Nova Scotia offering impactful work and purposeful careers. IONS is excited to play a role in connecting students, recent graduates, newcomers, equity-deserving communities, and everyone living in the province to meaningful employment opportunities in the sector. There is no cost for impact organizations to host an opportunity on the Sector Job Board. Check out the exciting opportunities below.

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Reasons Why People Love Working in the Sector 

Make a real difference in an organization that is accountable for outcomes and impact.

Impact organizations provide room to learn and grow at a rapid pace, accelerating your career. 

Impact organizations are values driven and often provide flexible work environments. 

Other Career Opportunities and Resources 

To find additional employment and volunteer opportunities in the Community Impact Sector, you can visit the following websites, as well as look for postings on your university or college’s job board. 

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The goal of this form is to gather information on the talented people across the province and create a list of contractors with a variety of skills.

Engaging those in community work from across the province is an important part of the work at IONS. We welcome and prioritize the unique contributions people bring in terms of their geographic location in the province, education and lived experiences, culture, ethnicity, Indigenous status, race, spoken languages, gender identity and expression, age, religion, ability, sexual orientation and beliefs.

We encourage applications from those from African Nova Scotian, Indigenous, racialized, disabled, and 2SLGBTQIA+ communities. We are intentional in our approach to contract work and will prioritize diversity in our selection process. If you are a member of an equity-deserving group, and comfortable doing so, please self-identify below.

Please note, filling out this form is not a job application. When IONS is hiring for a position, we will not be looking at this list. If you would like to apply for a job at IONS when they are advertised, please follow the outlined process on the job posting.

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Do you thrive in the community impact space? Are you an empathetic, passionate leader who understands how systemic barriers impact Nova Scotia’s communities? Do you enjoy creating the connection between research, communication, and policymaking? If yes, you may be our new team member!