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Building Capacity for Impact

A core part of our work is to provide capacity building opportunities to help organizations better achieve their mission through access to high quality training, resources, and skill development. The root of our capacity building efforts is the vision of the Community Impact Sector equipped to affect positive change and address systemic inequities. Our theory is that the sector will be most impactful when organizations develop the capacity and build skills to nurture healthy workplaces, cultivate innovation, and operate sustainably. To reflect these core competencies, IONS programming and events are categorized by the three learning streams below:

content themes

Healthy Workplaces

Systems Change & Innovation

Sustainable Operations


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Social Impact Leaders: Discover Benefits For Your Organization

Halifax Central Library - BMO Community Room 5440 Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS

Please join us for lunch as we host Paul Wheeler of CSBT to share his commitment to benefitting the social sector!Monday, April 3rd at Halifax Central Library Please join us […]

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Our Approach to Learning 

Based on our research, IONS’s approach to learning is grounded in a foundational understanding that to increase impact, we must nurture the skills needed to develop learning organizations through healthy workplaces, innovation for systems change, and managing sustainable operations.  

In 2021, we conducted an extensive sector engagement process to assess where to focus our capacity building efforts. Conversations were held and feedback was collected through a variety of methods to help us understand the current capacity needs, what obstacles the sector is facing, the root causes and barriers to impact, and how IONS can help the Community Impact Sector address complex issues. Based on what we heard from the sector, we were able to identify fundamental sector challenges, desired learning themes, and key characteristics that increase organizational impact. This insight informed our Learning Framework and our approach to capacity building for the sector over the next few years (detailed in the reports accessible below). 


Based on the content, we use a variety of learning approaches, implementing a mix of training methods and delivery to ensure there’s multiple ways to engage based on individual needs and time. We currently offer live, virtual webinars and workshops for larger group participation; cohort-based programming for experiential learning and peer-to-peer interaction for more complex topics; and communities of practice for learning that would benefit from ongoing support, collaboration, and access to mentors and peers. We hope to offer in-person events and opportunities soon. 

Capacity Building Learning Framework Report

Capacity Building Consultant's Report

Capacity Building Survey Report

Take Part on Your Own Time with Our Learning Video Library

To accommodate busy schedules and individual learning styles, IONS offers learning opportunities through online, pre-recorded courses accessible at home, on your own schedule. Our digital learning library will be accessible at any time on an ongoing basis with participation at your own availability and pace. We are in the process of engaging content experts to develop a suite of courses that will be available online this summer.

Decolonization Learning Journey Course

JEDDI Journey

Black History Learning Journey

Advocacy & Policy
JEDDI Journey

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