Jeanine is originally from Rwanda, a country in East Africa, and has lived in a few countries before making Canada, specifically Nova Scotia, her home. She holds a diverse educational background, with a master’s degree in Child and Youth Study from Mount Saint Vincent University and another in International Relations from Coventry University in England. Her academic journey began with a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Rwanda, showcasing her multidisciplinary approach to societal challenges.

Jeanine is a firm believer in human dignity and has a strong commitment to advocate for human rights and equitable access to services. Driven by her passion for equity and justice, Jeanine brings a scholar-activist approach to her work, particularly within organizations striving to empower underrepresented communities and diverse populations. Prior to joining IONS, Jeanine served as a Program Coordinator for a federally funded project focused on empowering youth with essential skills, training, and employment opportunities.

Jeanine has also been actively involved in research and advocacy work centered on the protection of human and child rights. Her academic interests include research and theses on diverse topics such as the voices of child marriage survivors and the significance of agency. She also volunteers for All Nations International Development Agency (ANIDA) based in Toronto as a local representative for their community-based projects.

Outside of her professional commitments, Jeanine is a culture and learning enthusiast. She finds balance in spending quality time with loved ones, attending church, exploring new travel destinations, indulging in brunch, and trying-out diverse cuisines. A delightful quirk about her is her love for a good TV show- particularly Korean dramas.