Kristen has spent the last fifteen years working and volunteering in the community impact sector with a background in communications and nonprofit leadership. She has specialized in strategic planning, communications, partnership development and program delivery. Kristen is passionate about storytelling for impact and advocating for long-term systems change.

Recently she’s been drawn to sustainable design and systems thinking and energized by working in growing and emergent community organizations. Kristen is fascinated by organizational development and creating environments where teams flourish and honour the unique experiences that each person holds. Curiosity and humility are driving forces in her life and relationships.

Kristen is passionate about community-driven collective action and is on a journey to help build more sustainable and equitable systems. She’s really excited about IONS work in advocating for, and re-imagining new systems for the sector, while prototyping new ways of working that centre our values.

She loves exploring nature with her black lab, volunteering, learning from her toddler, and enthusiastically trying to make her own clothing. She grew up in Kjipuktuk and spent 6 years living in her family’s other home of Aotearoa, New Zealand.