Travel and international living have both cultivated Priya’s creative mindset. Throughout her life she has been immersed in several cultures – U.A.E, Goa, Uganda, London (UK), Korea, and Japan. These many intersectional lives influence her educational and artistic lens for engagement work here at IONS.

Immigrating to Canada as a teen fostered her early inspiration for what has become a lifelong journey of understanding the interconnectedness of humans and the natural world she occupies. Her almost 20-year career in the community impact sector has been focused on facilitating art education and being led to understand love and life through work with our most important citizens (ages 0-5).

Priya has over ten years of experience leading reconciliation and language capacity-building with international newcomers and students. In her volunteer career she has served as the chair of a reconciliation committee in a national protestant denomination and now, she continues to offer her anti-oppression learning on the Canadian advisory committee on anti-racism.

To balance her work, she deeply enjoys and values excellence in single parenting. Priya is anchored through multiple sites of knowledge and love through long-distance cycling and making stories through multi-media art of flying sperm whales.