Celebrating a decade of impact, CSCNS is now Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia

HALIFAX, NS – After a decade of supporting organizations making a lasting impact in Nova Scotia communities, the Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia announced today that it is now called Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS). 

Since it was founded in 2012, IONS has provided support to countless impact organizations that improve lives outside the traditional system, including community gardens, shelters, helping the unhoused, and supporting mental health initiatives. Just like any organization, it has experienced its own share of change and restructuring as community needs have evolved over the years but especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there became a critical need for impact organizations across the province to step in and address the needs of vulnerable Nova Scotians. 

With calls for reconciliation, to address anti-Black racism, and Covid-19 highlighting systemic inequities; IONS knew there had to be a better way of working with these impact organizations and that their justice, equity, diversity, decolonization, and inclusion (JEDDI) work was only getting started. This reimagination of how they could better serve the sector gave rise to a total brand refresh and a new identity that they are proud to share today.

We are thrilled to start the next decade as Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia. We strongly feel that impact organizations are perpetually undervalued and now is the time to recognize their role and more importantly, their impact in our communities. It is our hope that with our new energized brand, we’ll attract more invaluable talent to the sector so that together we can help all Nova Scotians thrive.

Annika Voltan (she/ her)
Executive Director, IONS

In addition to the new name, IONS also unveiled a refreshed mission statement that the organization feels better represents the important work they do in the sector: To champion and build the capacity of Nova Scotia’s impact organizations. We move collectively in unwavering pursuit of healthy, vibrant futures for all communities, people, the land, and living beings.

So what’s next for IONS? As the new name implies, IONS is shifting away from the use of the term non-profits to impact organizations, a term they feel better describes the contribution of the sector. And while offering programming to meet the growing needs of the population will still play a role, the organization is looking forward to doing more research and analysis to communicate why the sector is so important. IONS is also looking forward to working collaboratively with other provincial sector organizations through the Nova Scotia Nonprofit Coalition to amplify the voice and influence of impact organizations, including a seat at the table when it comes to policymaking.

We can grow from a population and immigration standpoint, but if we don’t start to consider equity and quality of life in our community growth, we’re not doing our communities justice. Impact organizations are actively contributing to our collective wellbeing and it’s time that they are recognized for their role and contributions. We’re very excited to celebrate those organizations this year by ensuring the public knows about their work.

Chris Googoo
Board Chair, IONS