Digital Transformation Community of Practice

Digital Transformation: A Program for Community Impact Organizations in Nova Scotia

Learn to confidently manage your existing technology, create healthy, measurable data habits, and improve internal and external communications for your impact organization. Participate in guided online courses and a Community of Practice with a cohort of organizations in Nova Scotia to transform your digital systems and improve your work.  

Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS) is pleased to partner with The Human Stack to offer this unique year long program of supported online courses at no cost to 20 organizations in Nova Scotia.  We hope this project will help empower these organizations to tackle their digital challenges and transform their organizations through developing a community of support around technology so that organizations can focus on their missions. 

IONS will support the 20 organizations in a structured online community of practice with real time meetings and a virtual space to connect, share resources, ideas, and insights about the Digital Transformation program.  

Each organization accepted into the Digital Transformation program receives support for 2 staff people to participate in the program – your “Digital Voluntold” and your Executive Director – for a year. The Digital Voluntold can be anyone in the organization who looks after technology and digital systems as part of their job. Learn more about Digital Voluntolds on this Human Stack blog.  

Program Details

Format: Part time, asynchronous non-credit online course and community of practice 

Location: Online (1 potential financially supported in-person event, TBC) 

Course Duration: 11 Months, August 2023-June 2024 

Course Work: Approx. 8-12 hours per month (Digital Voluntold), Approx. 4-6 hours per month (Executive Director) 

Schedule: Asynchronous, plus weekly “student hours”. Monthly online Community of Practice meetings.

Learning Materials: All learning materials included 

Cost: Free upon acceptance of application. The value of this program is approximately $3000 per person 

Application Information

Application Prerequisites 

      • Have a “Digital Voluntold” who is at a stage of readiness to participate in the program 
      • Have an Executive Director who is committed to Digital Transformation  
      • Work with an impact organization (nonprofit) located in Nova Scotia 
      • Bring values of authenticity and transparency, and a desire for learning and connection 
      • Able to commit to a time commitment of 8-12 hours per month for 11 months (for Digital Voluntold)
      • Able to commit to the 4 mandatory online Community of Practice meetings 
      • Complete The Human Stack’s Digital Health Quiz before applying

Before Applying for this program, take a few moments to learn your Digital Health Score by completing this Nonprofit Digital Health Quiz from The Human Stack

    • Applications are now closed.


ABOUT Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS)

Located in Mi’kma’ki, Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS) connects, supports, and advocates for Nova Scotia’s Community Impact Sector. IONS’ role is to address sector workforce challenges, to build capacity within organizations, and to increase access to expertise, opportunities, and resources. IONS provides skill building and learning opportunities, network connections, and support for impact organizations. Over the past few years, our focus has evolved and expanded to fully embrace our role championing the Community Impact Sector— voicing and amplifying the vital services and work of impact organizations. With systemic issues and major social challenges facing those living in Nova Scotia, we recognize the crucial and urgent need for a more just, equitable, and community-driven approach to re-envisioning our society. IONS is more determined than ever to highlight the need for the Community Impact Sector as a balancing force for social good and positive change. 

Alexandra Theroux is IONS’ Operations Manager and Project Lead for the Digital Transformation program.  

About the Human Stack

The Human Stack is a dedicated provider of human-centered technology insights, resources, and courses tailored to nonprofit organizations’ unique needs. Our expert team is committed to empowering nonprofits by addressing their technology challenges and offering innovative solutions. Our comprehensive offerings equip nonprofits with the tools and knowledge to harness technology effectively, streamline their operations, and amplify their impact.  

Tim Lockie is the Founder and CEO of The Human Stack and uses he/him pronouns. His history with the nonprofit world and technology seems to be intertwined. Tim has 20 years of organization experience as a volunteer, youth worker, camp counselor, music instructor, foster parent, getaway driver for teens in danger, board member, finance director, bookkeeper, recruiter, and community administrator…the list goes on. He has seen system deficiencies range from missed opportunities to damaged relationships in these capacities. Tim believes that Digital Transformation is affordable and scalable for nonprofits of all sizes and is obsessed with The Human Stack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Digital Voluntold?

A Digital Voluntold is someone who is asked to take on digital responsibilities within an organization despite not having a background in technology. 

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice is a group of people who “share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly.” 

Do I have to commit for the full year?

Yes, we require that participants of the Digital Transformation program commit to the full 11 months of the program – please consider your time and other commitments carefully before accepting a spot in the program.  

Can I take this course in evenings and weekends?

The asynchronous aspect of this course can be done on your own time, however we do encourage our participants to consider this coursework as within job responsibilities. We promote a healthy work-life balance to prevent burnout from overwork and not enough personal downtime for Community Impact Sector workers.  

Are there any costs associated with this program for participants?

There are no financial costs associated with participation in the online Digital Transformation program. However, please do consider the staff cost of participation in terms of time spent. There may be some costs associated with an in-person event, however there will be financial support and subsidies available to participants.  

We will not be considering participants or organizations from outside of Nova Scotia at this time.  

How do I access and engage with the program?

Applications can be made online through the links at the Application section above 

We will communicate with applicants and successful participants through email and/or phone calls 

Selected Applicants will be emailed a link and login to the IONS Thinkific online platform where you can find the rest of the program links and information. We encourage participants to bookmark the Thinkific website for easy access. You can configure Thinkific to send email notifications and reminders if desired. 

What if I can’t make it to every meeting?

We understand life happens. Digital voluntolds can miss one meeting per “semester” – please notify ahead of time where possible, and if a meeting is missed, we will check in with you to ensure things are still on track for you in the program.  

Executive Directors and Digital Voluntolds are both expected commit to the 4 mandatory online meetings throughout the year (schedule will be released before final confirmation of participants). 

Executive Directors are welcome to attend the other monthly Community of Practice meetings 

Student hours with The Human Stack are optional but highly encouraged 

Do I need to keep on a strict learning schedule?

You will get out of the program what you put in – we expect Digital Voluntolds to complete their two courses on a timeline of 4-6 months each, however these are asynchronous courses and are available for 12 months after the start date of each, so there is flexibility if you need to learn at a different pace. Please note that the Community of Practice meetings will be correlated to the pace of completion at 4-6 months, so there will be greatest benefit on this schedule.  

Executive Directors have no learning schedule as the We are for Good courses are completely asynchronous, however we do encourage participants to take full advantage of their 12 month subscription on a regular basis.  

Who can I contact with questions?

Please contact Alexandra Theroux for any questions related to the Digital Transformation program –