Farrell Benevolent Society

Farrell Benevolent Society of Dartmouth

Call for Expressions of Interest (EOI)

May 2, 2024

Re: Developing Governance Capacity to Support a New Vision for the Farrell Benevolent Society (FBS)                         

Wanted:  A consultant or consulting team to facilitate and guide the co-creation of processes  with the Board of Directors that will result in an action plan to strengthen the current governance structure and organizational capacity of the Farrell Benevolent Society to realize the new vision.

Timeline:   Proposed June 17 – December 13, 2024

Budget:     $7500 + HST (Approximately 20 hours month)


Please review the following information being requested for this Expression of Interest and email  it to: farrellhall@ns.aliantzinc.ca.  Any clarifying questions can also be sent to this email.

Please use the Email header FBS Expression of Interest and your first and last name or name of your firm.

The Review of Expressions of Interest will begin May 23, 2024, which will be followed up by invitations to selected proponents for a further conversation. The Expression of Interest will remain open until the process is complete.

Background: The Farrell Benevolent Society (FBS) is a non-profit organization that has been serving the community for over 60 years with the following mission “The Farrell Benevolent Society is a local community-based organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in the community of Dartmouth North. By working together with residents, community groups, agencies, local businesses and stakeholders, the Farrell Benevolent Society will help create a safe, healthy and prosperous community.”

As outlined in the Bylaws and Memorandum of Understanding (revised 2016), the Farrell Benevolent Society is registered as a society with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies appointed under the Nova Scotia Companies Act and has been serving the community of Dartmouth North since 1960. It is 100% voluntary governed with part time staff and primarily funded by twice-weekly BINGO, occasional donations and/or pro bono support.


The benevolent nature of the organization is somewhat unique in today’s context, and which means the “giving” of gifts. Historically, FBS has implemented benevolence through a variety of ways including the confidential support in the following ways:

●  Donations:  To organizations such as schools to support school trips, equipment,    and gift cards to victims of house fires.

●  Individual Benevolence:  To support families or individuals who are struggling for    basic needs such as a deposit for power or other services, to pay a portion of                      critical dental care.

●  Benevolence: To provide grocery gift cards and bus tickets to individuals and or          families in need.

●  Community Special Support:  An organization is the beneficiary of a specific game      of BINGO that is dedicated to community organizations that have identified a need.

●  Education Bursaries:  Open to all ages for adults to upgrade their education that could include completing their GED or doing post-secondary education.

FBS owns the property at 276 Windmill Road, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and maintains the BINGO Hall which also hosts a boxing club on the second floor and rents space to community organizations on occasion.

The pandemic resulted in a shutdown of the BINGO for 2 years which significantly impacted financial resources for both benevolence and ongoing operational support. During that time, an innovative community collaboration took place when the local Dartmouth Library was closed for renovations. FBS partnered with the library to set up a new location at Farrell Hall for the year. This was a vital community service at that time as many local residents relied on the library for access to free internet as well as books and other resources.

Upon slowing reopening BINGO in July 2022, the main goal became to maintain and keep the building open on 276 Windmill Rd. The facility currently supports the following:

●  BINGO offered 2 nights a week with a loyal following who access this program for      social connections as well as the entertainment value of the game.

●  Meeting room access at no charge to local community groups such as Neighbourhood Watch.

●  To provide affordable space to a nonprofit boxing program that offers free boxing      programs to children and youth promoting youth staying in school. This program is        alcohol and drug free.

The financial capacity to provide some benevolence is slowly coming back.

The Opportunity:

Over the past 3 years, FBS has been working on a redevelopment plan of the property at 276 Windmill Rd. Dartmouth. The land and building owned by the previously defined community of Dartmouth North, and stewarded through the volunteer Board of Directors, will be redeveloped as a mixed use development, including community-priced housing, to continue to serve the community for many more decades. The Board of Directors has been making progress in the early stages of capital pre planning and development processes to bring this vision to life.

Integral to the  success to date has been the collaborative partnership with the Public Good Society of Dartmouth – a nonprofit and registered charity that has been serving the broader community of Dartmouth for over 20 years. Together they have been successful in acquiring funding for the capital predevelopment, planning and capacity building for FBS with the Public Good Society of Dartmouth acting as a fiscal agent.

The Challenge:

The FBS Board of Directors has historically been comprised of local community residents who have a passion for the mission of the organization. This continues to be very much a strength to have board members so connected with the local community perspectives, needs and interests.

This model of governance has served the organization very well for many decades. However, at this time and looking ahead, the Board of Directors has recognized that in order to effectively lead a capital redevelopment project of this magnitude it is vital to have both the governance and organizational capacity necessary to be successful in both the development and construction of this new facility and the ongoing sustainable operations of the building and the organization.

Project Deliverables: 

It is recognized that with the timeframes and current budget for this phase of the project, it is important to manage and be realistic about the scope of the consultant’s work for this phase of the initiative.  The proposed deliverables include:

  • Supporting the Board of Directors in understanding their governance structures and roles as it currently stands and identify where attention is needed;
  • Supporting the Board of Directors in understanding what are the various kinds of decisions they are going to have to make and be held accountable for in a capital development project of this nature;
  • Co creating with the Board of Directors, an action plan for an ongoing Board Recruitment and Nominations strategy that will support the vision; and,
  • Providing “backbone” support in the initial implementation of the recruitment processes.

Expression of Interest Format:

  • No longer than 5 pages (11 font) including cover page and any appendixes. Please include on the cover page names of proponent(s), primary contact information and date.
  • What interests you about this project and why are you a good fit for this initiative?
  • Related information (skills, experience) of all individual/ team members who would be involved in this project with emphasis on relevant experience (e.g., certifications etc.)
  • Summary of relevant projects and experience: Short list of projects, with a brief description that helps to illustrate how your experience will contribute to a project of this nature.
  • What is your anticipated approach and/or methodology for this project based on the information provided? Please share in some detail how you would go about this project over the time frames stated.
  • Any other related or relevant information that helps to get to know you better for a project of this nature.



To apply for this job email your details to farrellhall@ns.aliantzinc.ca.