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Celebrating a Decade of Impact, CSCNS is Now Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia

Just like any organization, IONS has experienced our share of change and restructuring as community needs evolved over the years, but especially when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, there was critical need for impact organizations across the province to step in and address the needs of vulnerable Nova Scotians.

Moving Beyond Profits and Market Failures

Today, as we launch our new identity as Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS), it’s important to reflect on why we need to distinguish and celebrate the Community Impact Sector for all its diversity and uniqueness. Going forward, we see “impact organizations” as the nonprofits, charities and voluntary organizations who are driven by social, cultural or environmental change. In other words, they seek to enhance our collective wellbeing and ensure healthy, vibrant futures for all communities, people, the land and living beings.

IONS Ideas

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