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A Leader’s Perspective on Reconnecting with Our Creative Selves through Seasonal Work Cycles

“We’ve become detached from nature’s cycles and rhythms and it’s hurting us. If we are to have any hope of building our capacity to solve the challenges we’re facing, we need imagination and creativity – the ability to see a different future. The more we chug along doing our work in similar ways without pausing to reflect and adapt to what we’ve learned, the more we lose opportunities to increase our impact.”

Quiet Quitting or Loudly Advocating? A Gen Z’s Guide to Knowing Your Worth

“There is no denying that the sector is under-funded and under-resourced. However, there are other ways to increase your total compensation, which goes beyond just salary. There are cost effective ways organizations can help increase quality of life and support work-life balance. Things like flexible work schedules, additional leave, work from home, and 4-day work weeks are some examples – which all come with a ton of research to back up the link between improved productivity and quality of life!”

People, Picket Lines & Power: Where is our Collective Voice?

“Over the past few years, the landscape of our province has shifted drastically, becoming an increasingly difficult place to survive, let alone live in. Employment uncertainty, increasing costs, racism and discrimination, and inadequate housing and healthcare access continue to be top concerns for sectors that are chronically undervalued and often led by women – as is the case for the Community Impact (Nonprofit) Sector.” 

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IONS Ideas is the place where our team can creatively share our experience, leadership, knowledge, and voice on sector trends and timely topics. Written by IONS staff, our goal is to create engaging content that sparks ideas, inspires new ways of working together, provides tangible takeaways and best practices, and resonates with the sector.

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