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Impact Organizations of Nova Scotia (IONS) is pleased to present a formal partnership with NewGround Financial and the Community Services Benefits Trust (CSBT) to promote an employee group benefits program tailored to the needs of those working in the Community Impact (Nonprofit) Sector. 

Group health benefits help to fill the gaps in universal healthcare – this can include coverage for dental care, prescription drugs, vision care, and paramedical services like physiotherapy and psychological counselling. Some benefits plans have wellness or health spending amounts, and can cover specific needs such as travel insurance or extended hospital stays. Health benefits can vastly improve a person’s quality of life by making various health services more affordable. 

We know that there is opportunity for community impact organizations to support the wellness of their staff through employee health benefits – over 50% of organizations in Nova Scotia don’t yet have employee group benefits for their staff. Access to healthcare and benefits is important, especially in a sector as diverse as ours that so often prioritizes the wellbeing of others. Providing employee benefits bolsters our values for human-centered work, and helps us fulfill our mandates to do good for both our communities and our people.  

The Community Services Benefits Trust is a nonprofit trust that provides locally accessible health benefits to organizations with community service missions.  As CSBT is a national trust, one of the biggest advantages is that the collective group is large enough to give some protection against individual rate increases. The trust was formed by Executive Directors in the Community Impact Sector, for people that work in the Community Impact Sector.  

NewGround Financial is a local insurance broker located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They are dedicated to supporting the well-being of the Community Impact Sector, and offer a variety of insurance products including access to the CSBT Employee Group Benefits packages.  

IONS is pleased to endorse both organizations in a partnership to promote good quality benefits for impact organizations in Nova Scotia.  

To begin your journey of exploring benefits packages we encourage signing up for a free consultation with NewGround Financial. 

Anonymous Sector Testimonial

“As someone without a family doctor, I am all too familiar with long waits at emergency rooms and walk in clinics. I have not always had luck with telehealth options, however with Telus Virtual Care, available through my benefits plan, I was able to seek a diagnosis for a mental health disorder I have been struggling with my entire life! I met with a mental health Nurse Practitioner, was sent for blood tests, assessed, diagnosed by a team of psychologists, given a treatment plan, prescribed medication, enrolled in a wellness coaching program, and continue to receive routine follow up care – all in the span of a few weeks. My quality of life has significantly improved and I am incredibly grateful to have access to this type of crucial care.”

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