CSCNS Reopening Plan

CSCNS Reopening Plan

The Community Sector Council of Nova Scotia wishes to have maximum participation in their events, and seeks to be inclusive in all aspects. For these reasons and for the health and safety of our staff, members, and our community, we will be strictly enforcing the following guidelines during the COVID‐19 pandemic.

CSCNS COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Any CSCNS employee, member, or affiliate must adhere to the most up to date health guidelines as laid out by the Nova Scotian Provincial government (travel restrictions, quarantine guidelines, PPE requirements etc.). Updated restrictions can be found on the provincial website here.

Meetings of fewer than 5 people must follow all public health guidelines.

  • Where possible it is recommended that meetings occur virtually.
  • If staff feel it is important to meet a stakeholder in person they should ensure social distancing, record the time and date of the meeting in BaseCamp and if possible meet outside.

All CSCNS Staff requesting to attend or host in-person meetings of more than five (5) people must be reviewed and approved by CSCNS's Executive Director or a designate before taking place.

  • Applications are to be sent by email, including a completed form noting details of the meeting such as time, date, and location of meeting, attendees, purpose, and any other relevant details such as the location’s COVID-19 response.
  • CSCNS will review the opening plan and related cleaning and health protocols outlined by the facility where the meeting is set to take place beforehand, and these guidelines must meet a minimum standard as set by CSCNS.
  • This application form should be submitted via email prior to the staff member making any commitment to attend / host. Please allow at least 48 hours to come to a decision.

Group training events will only be held in spaces that allow for participants to maintain 6-foot physical distancing at all times.

  • Non‐medical face masks must be worn by all participants while moving throughout the facility. Masks can only be removed once seated in a stationary position within the boardroom/classroom/meeting room. CSCNS will have extra masks available in case someone needs them. CSCNS will provide masks for staff.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided by CSCNS and is to be used upon entry and exit of the room. A sign will be posted to encourage it’s use as well as verbal reminders to attendees.
  • High touch surfaces will be wiped down by CSCNS staff, though participants are encouraged to minimize surface contact whenever possible. CSCNS staff will be provided with cleaning supplies and arrive on site prior to scheduled start time to conduct a cleaning.
  • Meeting participants are asked to only enter the building at the scheduled time. If they arrive early, they should wait in their vehicle or some other location where physical distance can be maintained.
  • Some events may be held as a hybrid model to allow for maximum participation. Please be advised that both the facilitator and participants may appear in the video conference call that is being broadcasted to other participants. If a participant would prefer not to
    be included in the video, they will be positioned to be excluded from the frame of the camera.

    • If you would prefer to join the session from a virtual setting, please let a CSCNS staff member know so that they may provide you with login details. For these events GoToMeetings will be used. Information on how to use this software can be provided upon request.

Preregistration for events is mandatory and walk-ins will be refused.

  • CSCNS will collect and maintain a database of participant contact information to facilitate contact tracing if necessary.
  • You will receive a pre‐screening questionnaire by email to be completed the day of the event. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID‐19 or have recently been in contact with anyone who has, please stay home.
  • No food or drinks will be served at any events unless they are in single use containers and can be left at the participants seat (e.g. bottled water, pre-wrapped sandwich or snack).