IONS Strategy & Action Plan 2023-2026

IONS is pleased to release a new strategy to guide our work between 2023-2026.  

Releasing a new organizational strategy has been a good opportunity to reflect on how we work together and for what purpose. The process of developing this strategy has been almost a year in the making. It’s been less about making the perfect plan, and more about the space to think through our intentions, to align with one another, and to be considerate about how we are shaping the work we do. 

Included in this strategy is a narrative exploration of our context in Nova Scotia’s Community Impact Sector, as well as what we believe IONS’ role is in achieving some goals for a more just and equitable society in our province. We also articulate our action plan for the next year. 

We are excited to share ideas for us all to have our greatest impact for transformative change.  

Read the full strategy below:

Strategy & Action Plan

Read/ Download a PDF of the Full report here.

Strategy Theory of Change

View/Download a PDF of the below graphic.